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AJ Strategic Ventures is all about providing a convenient way for businesses to get capital as and when needed. We peg away on helping our clients with a set of financial solutions tailored to your business. 

While we serve you we keep in mind to provide your funding with complete transparency, so that you do not have to take any extra burden. 

Compared to other financial ventures in the market, we deal with a seamless financing process, where the documentation is minimum, verification is fast, and thereby you get funding just when you need it!

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Unlike the traditional long-winded process, we have made an initiative to provide you with faster funding. With us, you never miss a chance to grow your business.

24 Hour Approval

Get your loan approved and get the cash within days

Rock-bottom Paper Work

We like to keep the Documentation Short

Low Credit Score? No Issue

Never again worry about a Bad Credit

Free Application

We never charge any Application Fee


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Frequently Ask Qustion

The application process is straightforward and should take approximately five minutes. You can submit an application through our website to guide you through the process.

It is your money for your business, so you can use it however you see fit. Many of our clients use funding to cover payroll, renovate, manage inventory, expand, purchase equipment, and a variety of miscellaneous business expenses. You are the expert in maintaining and growing your company, and we are the experts in getting you the money you need to do so. It’s a win-win situation.


This is one of our most frequently asked questions and the answer is YES! If you have poor personal credit, or even have filed previously for bankruptcy, we can still provide you with working capital. The qualifications are 1) you have been in business for at least six months and 2) your business generates sales in excess of $8,500 per month. In over 90% of cases, if you meet these two requirements, we can provide you with funding!


Usually within 24 hours after a contract is executed and received.

The amount that you qualify for varies, but is generally between 75%-125% of your business’ monthly sales revenue.

We work with over 500 different industry groups in a variety of sectors, such as food service, health care, automotive, textiles, manufacturing, construction, technology, and retail.

Our company offers a wide range of financial solutions starting from, small business loans, real estate financing, equipment financing, working capital, etc.

AJ Strategic Ventures never offers you a business loan randomly. Our financial advisors will work with you in order to understand your business goals, the parts of your where you need capital the most, and then recommend the most suitable financial solutions.


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